Ramadhan Box 2017


SpreadSalam Ramadhan Box 2017 Ramadhan stickers 3-in-1 Ramadhan Diary ramadhan Postcards and Posters Ramadhan Box preorder


It’s Ramadhan.


What is?

#thebox 🌷ALHAMDULILLAH🌷 🌈We are very excited to announce that SpreadSalam Ramadhan Box is back again this year! And for the first time ever, #thebox will be available for those who are in the 🇬🇧UK AND in 🇲🇾Malaysia too, alhamdulillah! *for other countries, kindly contact us through whatsapp or email for discussion. ❤️Ramadhan is the month of nourishing good deeds. Plan your days and put targets to achieve goals, be it daily, weekly and at the end of the holy month. So plan our month thoroughly and lets strive to be productive and istiqamah with our better-than-ever Ramadhan Box this year! 🎁SpreadSalam Ramadhan Box brings fun and engaging activities packed in a box to your doorstep so you can learn, track and improve yourself and your ibadah this holy month, insyaAllah! All our reminders and activities have been designed for all ages from children to adults, to educate and aid you to better practise and learn more about Ramadhan. Did we mention they’re also a whole lot of fun?

Swipe to see the ELEVEN AWESOME things you will get in #thebox!!! 🛒 PRE-ORDER ONLY!

📆Order now until 7th of May 2017.

💰Please make payments before 7th of May 2017 or your order will be automatically cancelled.

🛍Bulk order of more than 15 boxes will get a 10% discount for each box.

Order now and help us spread the words!! 📝To order, kindly fill in the form below;

tinyurl.com/RAMADHANBOX17 📋Further details are written in the form description. 💰Price:

🇲🇾MALAYSIA: RM50 🇬🇧UK: GBP12 (Prices including postage) ❓Any inquiries and questions, please contact;

📳+447404902417 (whatsapp)


Thank You 🙂 #ramadhan#ramadhan2017 #ramadhanbox#islamicparenting

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