Plan. Plan. Plan. And plan.


[SNEAK PEEK TODAY] Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan. And plan.

That’s one of the most-known tips of Ramadhan. It is not just about ‘getting through’ 30 days of Ramadhan but to ‘utilize’ the holy month to challenge ourselves out of bad habits and better our ibadah and our WAY OF LIFE. and that, people, needs planning! And remember, with planning, comes niyyat, and He the Most Generous, promises ‘ajr (great rewards) to those who has the niyyat to do good as ‘had done’ good! masyaAllah!

So what are you waiting for?!! Grab our Ramadhan box to get our Ramadhan Diary that has lotsa pretty and inspiring things!!!

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Price:🇲🇾MALAYSIA: RM50 UK: GBP12 (Prices including postage)

Any inquiries and questions, please contact;+447404902417 (whatsapp)

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