Ramadhan Gift Box

Know someone who has a birthday on June? Why not make it extra special with an early blissful gift of Ramadhan Box to inspire both of you awesome people to a better Ramadhan this year?

Or show your great love and affection with our Ramadhan Box to flame the fire of love between you two (or three or fifteen!) as advised by our beloved Prophet saw. Or gift someone the box, just because We Muslims are very generous and just love gifting others so we may benefit from the gift too insyaAllah ️

🛒 PRE-ORDER ONLY!Order now until 7th of May 2017.Please make payments before 7th of May 2017 or your order will be automatically cancelled.

🛍Bulk order of more than 15 boxes will get a 10% discount for each box.Order now and help us spread the words!! To order, kindly fill in the form below;

Further details are written in the form description.

Price:🇲🇾MALAYSIA: RM50 UK: GBP12 (Prices including postage)

Any inquiries and questions, please contact;+447404902417 (whatsapp)wan.iffah@gmail.com

Thank You 🙂

Ramadhan Gift Box

Originally posted at http://spreadsalam.com/instagram/ramadhan-gift-box/

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